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All graduate students admitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies must register when they begin their studies. As a graduate student, you must maintain continuous registration and pay appropriate fees until your degree is completed. For a complete policy on registration, please visit the Graduate Calendar.

Download Registration PDF Forms

How do I activate my registration?

You can initialize your registration each year by going to your Student Centre and following these instructions.

When do I have to register?

You must register annually, at the time of your registration anniversary, through your Student Centre before the registration deadline for that session. Please visit the Course Registration Guide for detailed system instructions as well as up-to-date course registration.

Do I have to register if I am not taking classes?

Yes, all graduate students must register each year. Students enrolled in thesis-based Master’s or Doctoral programs will be considered full-time unless the Graduate Program allows for part-time registration and specific approval is given to an individual student. Talk to your program administrator if you have questions about this option.
Course-based students must register annually, even if they don’t plan to take a course until a later term.

When are student fees due?

Fees are due by the fee payment deadline date for that session as specified in the Graduate Calendar. See the Academic Schedule for dates.

What happens if I miss the registration deadline?

You may register online after the deadline; however a late registration fee of $60.00 will be assessed to your account. Payment is due no later than 10 days after the registration is activated.
Students who do not register by a specified deadline date will be withdrawn for failure to register.

How can I find out what my fees are?

You can find full details on your student financial account through your Student Centre.
An overview of tuition and fees is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies Website and in the Graduate Calendar.

What happens if my registration lapses?

If you withdraw from your program or fail to register and are withdrawn by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, you must apply for re-admission
An Application for Reactivation of Registration must be completed and submitted with a fee of $180.

What is the difference between full and part-time status?

Full and part-time requirements are listed in the Graduate Calendar. Generally, course-based students must register in 3 full courses (6 half-courses) in the registration year to be considered full-time. Students in course-based programs must take a minimum of one half-course per registration year.
Full-time thesis-based students will normally work an average of 40 hours per week on program-related activities. Program-related activities include course work, systematic reading, laboratory or other research work related to the production of thesis proposals and/or defence of thesis and thesis proposals, field work, and study for candidacy examinations

How do I make changes to my registration status?

You must submit a Change of Program or Status form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in order to change your registration status (i.e., full-time to part-time, Masters to PhD)

How do I make course changes? (e.g., adding, swapping, or dropping a course)

Course changes can be done online through your Student Centre until the deadlines listed in the Academic Schedule.
If you wish to make course changes after the registration deadline, you must submit a Change of Course Registration. A $60 late fee will be applied.

How can I register to audit a course?

You can request to audit a course by submitting a Change of Course Registration form. You must obtain all the appropriate signatures before the form can be processed.

How long can I take to complete my program?

It is expected that students in course-based programs will complete at least half of the required courses in the first two years of the program.Thesis-based Master’s students have a maximum of 4 years and Doctoral students a maximum of 6 years to complete their programs except where noted in the detailed program description.
In extenuating circumstances, students may be able to apply for extension for their studies. Discuss the possibility of an extension with your supervisor and Graduate Program Director. Each request must be accompanied by a completed Request for Extension form.

How do I get a letter that confirms my enrolment?

You can print an enrolment verification letter through your Student Centre. In most circumstances, you will be able to print a letter for your current enrolment.