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The Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility Agreement

Submitted by 21232f297a57a5a... on Mon, 08/10/2015 - 1:45pm
The Canadian Graduate Student Mobility Agreement (PDF), initiated by the Canadian Association of Graduate Schools (CAGS), encourages graduate student mobility within Canada in order to foster the exchange of ideas, specialized training, research collaboration, and interdisciplinarity.
Graduate students, who must be registered full-time and paying fees at a participating home university, may register as "visiting graduate research students" at another participating university. No tuition fees will be charged to visiting graduate research students, provided they are not taking courses at the host institution. Incidental fees may be charged.
A faculty member at the host institution must agree to supervise and take responsibility for the visiting graduate research student during his/her stay. It is recognized that it is the responsibility of the visiting student to find a supervisor at the host institution.

Applying to Other Universities Through the Agreement

If you are a current University of Calgary graduate student and wish to study at another university through this agreement, you will need to visit the host school's website for more information on its application processes. 

Applying to the University of Calgary Through the Agreement

If you wish to study at the University of Calgary through this agreement, you must complete the Application for Admission & Registration as a Visiting Research Student (Word).