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Working with your Supervisor
The graduate-supervisor relationship is outlined in the new Supervision Regulations (PDF) document. Please download this PDF to know and understand the expectations for both the graduate student and the supervisor.
Use the PDFs below to discuss expectations and other issues relevant to your discipline when working with your supervisor:
If you run into a conflict or problem with your supervisor that cannot be resolved using the documents above, please talk your to Graduate Program Director. If s/he is not able to resolve the situation, you should contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies at
Annual Progress Report
If you are a thesis-based student, you must complete the Annual Progress Report (APR) each year in May to review your progress in the past year and set goals for the future year.
The APR is not compulsory but it is a good tool for you and your supervisor to monitor your progress and ensure that you are on track. More >>
Conflict of Interest
To ensure the integrity of our degrees, the Faculty of Graduate Studies endeavors to avoid bias and the perception of bias in student-faculty and student-student relations, and in supervisory and examining committees. It is far easier to envisage situations in which conflicts of interest might arise than to legislate against them, but the principles we use are clear. More >>