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Annual Progress Report

If you are a thesis-based student registered during the winter term, you must complete an Annual Progress Report. An email prompt to do so will be sent to you in May.
This online report is an opportunity for you and your supervisor to review and comment on your achievements during the past twelve months.
Topics covered include:
  • courses completed
  • grades received
  • scholarships
  • research progress
  • publications
  • conferences
  • academic plans for the upcoming year
Detailed instructions (PDF) are available to help you complete the online form through your Student Centre. Consult with your program for report deadlines.
Supervisors and Graduate Program Directors will review and evaluate reports submitted by their students. All unsatisfactory evaluations will be reviewed by an Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and an action plan to best help you will be agreed upon.
This Annual Report is not intended to replace regular meetings and feedback from your Supervisor and Committee but rather to provide a structured opportunity for assessment of your academic progress together with planning for the next year.