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Tuition & Fees

How your Tuition and General Fees are calculated
Students in PhD and thesis-based Masters programs pay program fees at the outset of the program, and continuing fees in later years. Tuition amounts will also vary based on whether you are a thesis-based or course-based student. To calculate your tuition, see the Tuition Fees page in the Graduate Calendar.
Your program may have tuition fees that are different from the regular full-time graduate program tuition amounts. To see if your program has different rates, please review the Program Specific Tuition Fees table.
All students, domestic and international, pay the same general fees year-round. The General Fees page in the Graduate Calendar lists the services that are included and how the fees are calculated.
Payment options


There are several ways you can pay your tuition and fees at the University of Calgary. Click on your preferred payment method for instructions:
Please Note: The University of Calgary will stop accepting cash payments in September 2016. The University of Calgary also does not accept Credit Card payments for tuition and general fees. Tuition and fee payments made in cash are currently limited to $500 per student, per term. If your payment is higher, please see our other payment options.
Graduate Student Payment Plan
If you are receiving funding from the University that is more than your fees you may apply for a Graduate Student Payment Plan. This plan allows you to make payments on your fees over a specified period of time.
Fall/Winter applications will be available when tuition fees are approved and posted to students accounts in May 2017.
Payments plan forms:

NOTE: Check your Student Centre for charges and due dates of your approved Payment Plan. Students denied a Payment Plan will be notified and responsible for paying for all fees due by the appropriate fee deadline.
Students must ensure their complete application is submitted well in advance of Term Fee deadlines to avoid late penalties.
Need additional help with the payment plan application? Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies at or (403) 220-4938.