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Research involving Indigenous individuals or communities

Students wishing to pursue research projects involving Indigenous individuals or groups, or to utilize Indigenous Ways of Knowing in their own research, should familiarize themselves with the ethics regulations governing academic research.
Students must maintain a respectful attitude while pursing research with Indigenous communities and should be aware of the unique histories, ways of knowing, and authority structures of these different communities.
The Tri-Council Ethics Policy, Chapter 9, outlines a “framework for the ethical conduct of research involving Aboriginal peoples” and provides guidelines on appropriate approaches to research involving Indigenous peoples. It bases its ethical principles on respect for persons and community, concern for welfare, and upholding justice through the research process.
Students should consult the Tri-Council Ethics Policy before they undertake any research project involving Indigenous individuals and/or communities, including their own community or family members. Students should also familiarize themselves with the University of Calgary regulations on Indigenous Research and Ethics.