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Start your application by 
the steps below

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1. Check graduate admission requirements

In order to be admitted into a graduate program at the University of Calgary you must meet the minimum admission standards for both the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the program to which you wish to apply.
See if you meet the Faculty of Graduate Studies minimum admission requirements.

2. Search for a graduate program

Search our list of available graduate programs to see the types of degrees that are offered. 
You can also find our programs by:

3. Choose a graduate program

Select a graduate program that is a good match based on the following criteria:
  • Graduate program admissions requirements: These may be different from Grad Studies admission requirements. Applicants must meet the requirements for both graduate studies and their program of interest to be recommended for admission.
  • The graduate program's research objectives should match your own.
  • Graduate Supervisor: Some graduate programs require that you have a faculty member willing to supervise you at the time of admission.Check out our guide on finding a supervisor to help you through ins and outs of researching, contacting and talking with potential graduate supervisors.
  • Application deadlines
  • Program funding: Please talk your program of interest about possible funding.
For any questions about admission requirements, please contact the Graduate Program Administrator (GPA) in your program of interest. You will find contact details in our list of Graduate Programs.

4. Identify your admission category

Identify the admission category that applies to you to download and prepare the necessary forms or documents for your application.
Regular Student: This is the most common Admission Category. These are students who are applying to a program leading to a masters or a doctoral degree, and who meet all admission qualifications (Graduate Studies and graduate program). If you are applying as a regular student, please continue to Step 5 to see the documentation that you will need for your application.
Doctoral Cotutelle is a single PhD degree jointly awarded by two universities. It is designed, supervised and examined by faculty from both universities. Applicants must meet the PhD requirements of both universities and have an agreed plan of study and support before applying. Please see our Doctoral Cotutelle page for the forms you will need before proceeding to Step 5.
Interdisciplinary Degree allows a qualified graduate student to pursue thesis-based research (Master's, PhD) in an area that does not fit the traditional disciplinary requirements of only one graduate program. Please see our page for Interdisciplinary students for the forms you will need before proceeding to Step 5.
If you are an Exchange or Visiting student, you will not need to complete the Online Application. Please see the links below to learn how to apply.
Exchange students
Visiting students 
Please contact your prospective graduate program if you need further details. You can find contact information in our list of Graduate Programs.

5. Prepare your documentation

Applicants (other than Visiting and Exchange applicants) will need to prepare the following documents and information for their application:
1. Official Transcripts
Arrange to have official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended, even if you did not graduate, sent to the university. The transcripts must be sealed and sent directly to your graduate program of interest from the issuing university. More information regarding official transcripts can be found under 'Applying Online>Post-secondary education' tab.
2. References
Contact your referees to find out if they would provide a reference in support of your application. If they are willing, please ask them for their business or institutional email address for your application. An email containing a link to an online reference form will be sent to your referees after you finalize and submit your online application.
Please consult your prospective program, to know the required number of references and advice about selecting appropriate referees. 
3. Proof of English Language Proficiency (if required)
If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and your primary language is not English, you will be required to fulfill the English language proficiency requirement. Official English Language Proficiency, GMAT, GRE scores and/or other requirements of the program must be mailed to your graduate program of interest. 
4. Other documents
After you submit your online application, you will be notified by email if you are required to submit any additional program specific supporting documents. After you submit your online application, you will receive an email with your UCID number and instructions on how to access your Student Centre, and how to view your To-do list  for providing program-specific supporting documents.
Application documentations such as transcripts received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies become the property of the University of Calgary and will not be returned to, or photocopied for the student, or forwarded to other institutions.
If, at any time, it is discovered that a student was admitted on the basis of falsified documents or information, the admission will immediately be declared null and void and future admission will be denied.

6. Calculate your tuition and fees

When preparing for graduate studies, it is important to know and understand all the costs that are involved when studying at the University of Calgary and living in Canada.
1. Review the tuition and general fees for graduate students at the University of Calgary.
2. Go to our Cost of Living page to see a video on preparing a student budget to get an idea of what your total expenses would be in your first year. 
3. Search for possible funding by talking to your program of interest and by applying for scholarships.

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Please read the guide below then click the Apply Now button above to start your application.
If you need technical help with the online application, contact us at For all questions related to your program of interest, please contact the program directly.

1. Create an eID

You will need to create an eID (username), which will be used to login to your application, here.
If you have previously applied to the University of Calgary, you will already have an eID.
If you have previously been a student or staff member at the University of Calgary, you will have both an eID and an IT username. Your IT username will allow you to get into myUofC, but not into the application for admission.
Please direct questions about your eID or password to IT Support at (403) 220-5555 or

2. Starting your application

Make sure you have all your relevant information on hand before starting the application: Taking more than 30 minutes on any one page will log you out of the application and your work will not be saved.
To ensure that you don't lose information, you must click 'Save & Continue' for your application to be saved. Remember to do this often, if you are spending a significant amount of time on any one page.
To return to a saved application, please click on the APPLY NOW button above to log back in.

3. Adding your personal and contact information

All fields on this page are required and must be filled in order to continue.
If you are having trouble, please contact or (403) 220-4938.

4. Citizenship

This part of the application is very important as it will affect other sections.
If you are an international student and do not hold Permanent Residency in Canada, you need to identify your immigration status by selecting from the following options:
  • Student Permit: Permit number not required. You will need to give a copy of the official study permit to the Graduate Program Administrator in your graduate program of interest.
  • Work Permit: Permit number required
  • Refugee
  • Other
If would like more information on applying for immigration, please contact the International Student Specialist at

5. Post-secondary education

1.List all post-secondary institutions that you have attended, starting from the most recent to the oldest. You are required to list all post-secondary education even if you did not graduate (this includes unclassified/open studies/visiting/exchange registration). Omitting any post-secondary records is a serious matter and may impact your admission.
2.Official final transcripts from each institution must be sent directly to your graduate program from the issuing institution.
  • If the institution does not provide additional copies, certified true copies (certified by the institution) of each of your official original transcripts and degree certificates will also be accepted in their original sealed envelope.
  • If the official transcript is not issued in English, you must request a second transcript in addition to the official copy. The second transcript should be given to an official translator to produce a notarized word-for-word English translation. Please note that the translated document is not considered an official transcript, and should be submitted in addition to the official transcript sent in the original language. 
For questions regarding post-secondary education or official transcripts, you can email, or (403) 220-4938.

6. Program information

Select your program of interest from the program list.
Please note that graduate program deadline dates may vary from one program to another. If applications for your program are closed, please contact the graduate program directly.

7. Program-specific questions

All questions on this page require that you provide an answer in order to save the information entered. If one or more fields are left blank and you click 'Save & Continue', you will lose all your data from this page. Please note all the questions and prepare your answers before logging back into the system to copy and paste your text into the required fields.

8. English language test scores

Students whose first language is not English are required to complete this section. The information that you supply will assist your prospective program in evaluating your application until the official score is received. 
All official test scores must be submitted by the testing agency to your graduate program of interest, or to the University of Calgary. The Faculty of Graduate Studies is able to obtain test scores online for TOEFL (Institution code: 0813), IELTS and PTE.
If you have not completed the test, please select the test that you plan on taking, and the date on which you will take the test. If you believe you qualify for a waiver for this requirement, please contact your prospective graduate program.

9. Referees

Provide the names and contact information for referees who will submit reference reports on your academic ability and qualifications. Please submit business or institutional e-mail addresses for all of your referees.
Upon submission of your application, your referees will be sent an e-mail containing the reference request and a link to the online reference form.
If you require technical assistance, please contact, or 403-220-4938.

10. Finalize your application

After clicking “Submit”, no changes can be made to your application but you will be able to log back in to view or print your application. After you submit your online application, you will receive an email with your UCID number and instructions on how to access your Student Centre, and how to view your To-do list  for providing program-specific supporting documents.
Only final official transcripts and official test scores (English Language Proficiency, GMAT, GRE) should be sent to the graduate program to which you have applied. All other application material should be uploaded to your Student Centre.
If you need information regarding your degree program, application status, or have questions about the application procedure, please contact your graduate program.

11. Pay your application fee

There is a non-refundable application fee required to submit an application to a graduate program. Applications will not be reviewed until you have paid your application fee.
  • $125 CAD for Canadian applicants
  • $145 CAD for International applicants
  • $180 CAD for re-admission to complete a program you withdrew from
You can pay your application fee online in your online application using a credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) by following these instructions.
Other payment methods

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Congratulations on completing your application!

How do I check the status of my application?

If you have questions about the status of your sent documents or application, please contact the program directly.

Can I make changes to my application?

No, once you have submitted the online application changes can no longer be made. Only your prospective graduate program has access to your admission information because each program evaluates and administers its own applications. You can check the status of your application online in your Student Centre. If your circumstances have changed and you would like to update your application, contact the program directly.

What happens after I apply?

Each graduate program reviews its applications and makes admission decisions. Admissions to graduate programs are highly competitive as graduate programs have limited enrolment capabilities and there is no general right of admission. The program not only considers your credentials, but also reviews the availability of resources for supervision and research, departmental research objectives, and program balance.

If you have questions, contact the program directly.

Received an Offer of Admission?

Course-based Students: Admissions Confirmation Deposit

The University of Calgary requires a $500, one time only, admissions confirmation deposit effective starting Fall 2016 for all course-based students. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the tuition for the term in which you will begin your program. Once the university receives the deposit, a seat in your program will be secured for you. See our page on paying your fees.

How do I apply for Scholarships & Awards?

Once you have completed and successfully submitted an application to your degree program, you are eligible to apply for scholarships, awards and bursaries. You do not need to have been offered admission to your program to apply. 
Visit the Graduate Award Database to determine the specific awards you may be eligible for, and read up on our tips for submitting a succesful application.
For more information on program recommended awards, please contact the program you are applying to, you may also contact the Scholarship Office for further inquiries.

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